I come to idea that the more man are independent, the more intelligent he is.

Child which could speak, walk and form conversation at 2-4years we could name clever. If he is 14 years old, and he has mini business or he works and get money we could say that he is fast grown, or smart. But if a man in his 28 lives with mother, unemployeed, without passion we could say that he is a looser, or low skilled at keeping a pace with modern society(dumb).

From this thouth we can think that the most intelligent people are who live in the forest. They are do everythild a homeing by themselves. They cook a meal, build a home, and think in their own manner. They are come across with old prehistoric problem – how to survive using basic materials. Or they could make electric station and play video games in betwin of finding and cooking meal. They are great at coping with lonesness.


Why we don’t think so? Maybe our own prejudices, because we can find in history genius or high intelligent people who managed to go from society. Ralph Waldo Emerson for example.


– We are all stupid. It’s true(I think). There is no pure intelligence in us and we have stupidity in common.

We are not computer. Computer value every information equaly – for him is sequance of 1 and 0. We compare informatio based on our logic, emotions and some temporar impacts.

– Stupidity is lack of awarnase and thinking. The more you conservative the more you stupid (in most cases). Open your mind to new ideas. This trick allow you to get more information which your brain will process and give output.

BUT , as knowledge accumulates, so do misconceptions, superstitions and idiotic ideas and beliefs of all sorts.

– Smart people easily could go stupid in conservative environmen – it’s bloody hard to disrupt old belives, systems and concepts. So many people were killed, burnd and expelled for exertion to do this. Society is like child who fears changes.

– Stupid people are slaves their own world perception. This perception they received from news and surroundin people.

– is no single, obvious lesson to be drawn from what we perceive and do. Each person draws his own conclusions to suit himself, and this is where the behaviorists’ model fails.


Read —- Understanding Stupidity —-

In defining our mental life and shaping our behavior, the schema(beliefs system) so routinely causes people to act in their own worst interests that stupidity can be considered one of the few, true cultural universals.

white men were superior in stupidity, but he settled for everyone else being generally inferior in intellect.
Dr. Leopold Lowenfeld


Over 100 years of unbiased scientific studies have conclusively demonstrated that we are arbitrary creatures incapable of making unbiased studies, particularly of our own behavior.

“…misunderstandings and neglect create more confusion in this world than trickery and malice. At any rate, the last two are certainly much less frequent.”
[The Sorrows of Young Werther ]


My list of feature of stupid stupid people:

Very judgmental, and it is hard for them to change an opinion, maybe because they are non curious.

– Think that their opinion is sublime truth.

– Are forget to buy DoeList. Ha ha I am joking, maybe.))

Fall in love with news channels. They watch them all day long. 7+ repetition of the same material. The same applyes to PORN.

– Don’t notice their fat gains.

Can’t stand up against crowd’s opinion even they know that their opinion is wrong.
– Are silencing own voice.

Don’t save money, but not because they are present, at the moment, and don’t think about future.NO. Only because of their own limiting beliefs.


Are saing that they don’t like reading.

Also they boast about what they hate math, books and sport. They alivate this to rang of normal thing, socialy accepted.


– People with low IQ are generally easily bored and uninterested in anything that requires them to think too much or to acquire more self-awareness.


This is great statement. We all heard so many time from people that they are bored. I always felt myself around them different than most of the time. I feel like atmospher changed after they say “I am bored”. I wanna say “Stop, I don’t want to speak with you.”

          YOU WANNA MORE?

              (THEN READ THOSE BOOKS)

[Understanding Stupidity by James F. Welles, Ph. D.]
[A Short Introduction To The History Of Human Stupidity]
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[The power of stupidity]

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