Problems with productivity. Why people …


Our mood and energy depended on our previous actions.

We are not robots, we more like pendulum.


If you exsert your power to full extent then after some time of hard work you will feel yourself weak, no energy, empty. Recall picture of alcoholic. After first two shots of vodca he looks more energetical. He radiates energy, but after some time he fall asleep. From high energy to ZERO. Think about this. DO NOT BLAME yourself for low energy. This is your condition. It’s your biology. Maybe even in robot body you won’t be able to run from this.

Schedule your day with this in mind. You will get rid of guilt for your nature.


You don’t know what happend next. You planed 3 hours of work for this small project, but unfortunatel it takes twice as much = 6 hour. How to avoid this? Give additional time. Schedule with reserve. Add some empty areas in your list.


Famous people alway said that you should deligate.

American people can pay Indians, Russian and asian freelancers, but how they should deligate?

Who you could find to deligate if you Raja from India who gets 1-2$ per day?

What to do if you don’t have money to pay those assistants?

Your family could help you. If you make them believe in you. Give theme your visual picture of future. You can’t? Then make your life frugal. Bath once a week and eat once a day, be at your work place as much time as possible, find something that fits you.

Those celebrities sometimes said truth – they worked like everyone else in their youth – without extravagant tools, assistans and in advance written tons of plans.


Rest, how effective or creative people rest? They change their activities. Pick 3-4 areas where you want to grow, and juggle with them. I like calistenetics, programming and writing articles(reading books, articles, documents) + video creation.


We stop thinking regularly .Think more. Our conciousnes is the most powerfull tool of adaptations to the environment. Main form of this is imagining possible outcomes. Maybe next Warren Edward Buffett will think 10 hours per day and read 2hr, because we live in world of doubling information every year. There so many trash and misinformation.

You can’t overthink if you don’t let fears get over you. Good idea, thought, one sentence could change your way of life. Question the Status Quo – where am I? Who is those people? What I think about them? What they think about me? Does this software good? What I could change in it?


People better eat big cheesburget + cola than buy something for their future. Our animal instincs said that we better eat tangible burrito than buy DoeList, which could make us better, or couldn’t. Marketing campaings make us think that product “X” is worth sacrifice burrito or cheeseburger + cola.


I came up with new cognitive bias – we tend to believe that we less effective than others. It could be true bias, cos it’s hard to compare, almost impossible if we don’t have close friend who works in the same area. One man could say that he can do somthing in 5 minutes, but you do this 45 minutes. He is genius? Maybe, but he could be patological liar or swindler.

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