how to make money online without skills in 2017? Here is an answer

Earn money without skills is hard, but you need money now. I’ve spend around 5 hours to find the best sites to get money in a legitimate way.

It’s my opinion.

I personally failed to get clients from fiverr, on clickworkers I didn’t get gigs, because of my location. But you may try.

Eastern europe and africa often neglect.((

I begin from mTurk because this site simple, reliable and it’s Amazon – you can transfer money to amazon gift cards or directly to a bank account. Frankly speaking – my account was not allowed to work on mTurk, maybe because I am fron Ukraine. But it worth to try

  • Go to amazon mTurk, login or register if you don’t have amazon account.
  • They will verify your account from 3 days to 3 weeks(or more). They won’t tell you why you are not allowed(
  • If you get approval, then go mad – watch videos, take survays, tests, transfer to audio …

Then goes

Make money by posting and commenting

People who like your post(on this site a comment = post) will upvote and if those upvoiters have good amount of steem power you will get good money. Some posts get 200 – 700$. BUT here is a problem – you should make quality posts and get followers. 3000 followers is a really great aim. Some people say that at the begining you should make posts often and good. You get 1 follower around 2 – 5 posts. Make comments and be active.

Also they have Dtube.

You can upload video to the youtube and to the Dtube. I personally think that Dtube may be interesting for those who start his way in video making and contentmarketing. Give a try, but if video don’t get a money on first week – delete.


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