How to live your life? Make your life easier with this rules and ideas.


We often perceive our life more difficult than this really is. It’s root of our problems. First of all we need get rid of those unwished thoughts.

You need to know yourself, and love.

People who love themselves is not narcissistic. They love everyone, or atleast don’t hate them. Narcisistic people love only themselves(not every form of narcisism), hate other, they are envious.

I share with you 6 rules of Mihail Labkovskiy ()

His facebook

Caution: those 6 rules unfit to people with  narcissismMachiavellianismpsychopathy, and other psychology problems which relate to anti social behavior(see Dark Triad). Those rules can be apply to people who want others have love, joy, prosperity and peace.

1)    Do what you want.

This rule will eliminate problems with finding a romantic partner, life goal, many psychology problems, time wasting …

You will look more confident, mature and smarter. Problem here – find what you want.

How to find what you want? Try new things, reflect about your past …

2) Do not do what you don’t want to do.

This rule applies more to something that may affect you in future. “Go to army, you are man, stop drawing your paintings.” – keep painting.

If you don’t want to sweep a floor today, then do this work tomorrow, or in next 48 hours.

If your friend wants go to Chinese restaurant, and you don’t want, then go there next time, or go there today, and next time go in your favorite place.

3) Answer only to questions(if you want)

“Are you crazy?” – “No” –“You are crazy(it’s statement)” – “I don’t like this dialog”(or silence, or whatever you want, like “I think that some people are overly aggressive”)

“What a wonderfull weather” – “I like your shoes, where you bought them?”(you say what you want) or “I found new article on the DoeList site about …”

4) Say what you don’t like, don’t wait to say this in 8 year together

Say it from your perspective, say it like it’s your problem, not their.

5) Do not say when no one ask a quastion

why are you late?” – “I searched in the internet “how to be beautiful” “(right answer)

“I searched in the internet “how to be beautiful”, after this I complain that didn’t buy DoeList yesterday … ”       (wrong answer, because you make excuses)

This rule also will improve your BRAINSTORM, because when everyone say what should be done, then no one listen, also if 2 people move a barrel then everyone push a little bit easier than if push alone. We move a little bit of responsibility to partner’s head.

6) When you sort relationship out say from your perspective, do not blame them

“I think …” “I may be wrong but …” “I want to change …” “It hurts me …”







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