How to be healthy – 12 old principles

12 principles of healthy life

Porfiry Korneyevich Ivanov


Twice a day bathe in cold natural water so that you feel good. Bathe in what you can: in the lake, river, bath, take a shower or spill over oneself
. These are your conditions. Hot bathing finish cold.


Before swimming or after it, and if possible together, go out into nature, stand with your bare feet on the ground, and in winter on snow, at least for 1-2 minutes. Breathe in the mouth several times the air and mentally Ask for and wish people health.


Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.


Try at least once a week to completely dispense with food and water from Friday at 18 pm to Sunday 12 noon. This is your merit and peace. If it’s hard for you, then stay at least for a day.

BUT caution – I’ve tried this twice, first time everything was excellent but second I get constipation. People who fast recomend buy an enema.


At 12 o’clock on Sunnday, go out into nature barefooted and take a few breaths and think, as written above. It’s a holiday.

After that, you can eat everything that you like.


Love the surrounding nature. Do not spit around and do not spit out anything from your mouth.Get used to it – it’s your health.

For me it was simple – I remember how I felt myself when someone spit to the ground’s nasty.


Say hello to everyone everywhere, especially older people. You want to be healthy – say hello to everyone.I’ve been doing this since 5 or 4 years old. Sometimes, when I see that this man busy or grumpy I do an exception.


Help people than you can, especially the poor, the sick, the offended, the needy. Do it with joy. Respond to their needs with your soul and heart. You will have a friend and help the cause of peace.


Win over your greed, laziness, complacency, money-grubbing, fear, hypocrisy, pride. Trust people and love them. Do not talk about them unfairly and do not take to heart unkind opinions about them.


Free your head from thoughts of illnesses, ailments, death. This is your victory.


 Thought don’t separate from your action. Read – well. But most importantly – do it.


Tell and share the experience of this matter, but do not boast and do not exalt yourself in it. Be modest.


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